Tuesday, September 2, 2014

To Our Health

Peter R. Coleman, M.D. 

We are about to enter the 9th month 2014.  How are your health goals coming so far this year?  Did you make a New Year's promise to get in better shape, eat right, get more rest?  If you did, how are you doing with that resolution?  Still strong?  Fading fast?  Quit after January 2nd?

In my line of work, health is of the utmost importance.  However, I think people don't always put their health first in their lives.  Without our health, we have nothing.  So, as you read the newsletter this month, take a few moments for your health's sake and see what you need to change for the better.  

To that end, we are always seeking to share our services to as many as we can so more people will get free of this dreadful disease.  I am always grateful when an opportunity arises to tell more people about the disease of addiction and the hope of sobriety and recovery.  We received a nice surprise earlier this summer when Our Health: The Resource for Healthy Living in Greater Richmond Magazine contacted us, asking to interview me as well as requesting an interview with one of our detox patients who is now 10 months clean and actively participating in Recovery - U which is our innovative, online, educational, IOP 'university' I created about 2 years ago.  In addition, this great publication was also interested in highlighting my new non-profit initiative called IWINS (a.k.a. I Wish I Never Started).  The reason they contacted us is September is National Recovery Month and they wanted to do a feature article to help promote substance-free living.  I was so surprised and very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to help other people learn more about the truth of addiction and recovery!

In addition, the magazine did a great job of covering my IWINS initiative which I am so excited about!  IWINS stands for I Wish I Never Started and is aimed at preventing and ending opiate abuse amongst teens and young adults.  It is a national initiative that we want to see eventually go global in its reach! 

Usually, I write a little more in my article for our newsletter.  This month, however, I am going to be brief so you can take a few moments to browse this great magazine article.  Please feel free to share it with your friends and family. You can find it here!

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