Monday, September 15, 2014

10% of Americans Admit to Illicit Drug Use

Chris Newcomb, M.Div

September is National Recovery Month all around the nation as the message of sobriety and recovery is being promoted to encourage those who are clean to stay clean and those who are not yet in recovery to consider doing so.  The truth is that drug use and abuse is alive and well today.  This is unfortunate but there is hope!

First, before we can look at hope, we have to look at reality.  A recent report shows that ten percent of Americans ages 12 and older admitted using illicit drugs in 2013. These statistics must change!

In addition, there is growing evidence of the connection between substance abuse and mental health issues.  To be clear, this doesn't mean that every one who suffers from depression also suffers from drug abuse.  Likewise, someone using heroin doesn't necessarily suffer from depression.  Each person is unique and should be treated as such.  However, there is a strong trend of people struggling with both issues. This is called 'co-occurring' disorders.  

Let's not forget hope!  Every day thousands of people are getting help and getting sober for the first time.  Millions who are in recovery are choosing each moment to stay clean and sober.  "As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month our nation can be proud of the strides made in successfully promoting the power of recovery from mental and substance use disorders," SAMHSA Administrator Pamela Hyde said in a government news release. "People in recovery deserve an official voice at all levels of government," Michael Botticelli, acting director of National Drug Control Policy, said in the news release. "We must continue to use that voice to share our triumphs and our challenges, and show the world that millions of us are leading happy, healthy, productive lives in long-term recovery. Each recovery story we tell chips away at the misconceptions that keep someone struggling with an addictive disorder from asking for help," he added.

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