Friday, June 6, 2014

The Sting of Alcoholism

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

If you read our blog this past Wednesday, then you now know that the true cause of death for the lead singer of GWAR was an overdose of heroin.  I didn't think when I wrote that article that I would be writing this article just two days later but addiction makes no sense and plays by its own rules.  

The seminal heavy metal band The Scorpions were recently overseas in Dubai to play some concerts.  It seems that their drummer ran his mouth about Islam insulting and breaking the law over said subject and ended up being imprisoned.  He released a press statement acknowledging his wrongs and highlighting a sincere desire to get better. 

From his Facebook page, drummer James Kottak, "After years of drinking alcohol, on April 3rd, 2014 my addiction caught up with me during a five-hour flight from Ekaterinburg Russia to Bahrain via Dubai, during which I consumed 5 or 6 glasses of wine.  They called the police and reported that I was intoxicated (which I was) and that I made a lewd gesture.  When the police asked me to show my ID, I showed them the Rock and Roll Forever tattoo on my back instead of my actual ID which was in my back pack my friend was carrying for me.  Apparently, the police did not find this funny."  

Kottak continues, "This entire incident caused me to realize that it is time to stop drinking once and for all so that I can become the father, musician, and friend that I know I can be.  I am glad to put this unfortunate incident behind me and move onward and upward with my life."  His confession is a breath of fresh air.  There were no excuses.  He admits he messed up and that he wants to change.  We wish him well in his journey into recovery!

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