Friday, June 20, 2014

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

I ran across a picture in my Facebook feed today that really left me in silence.  It is the one posted over this article of a young boy trying to pull his drunk, incoherent father up to his feet.  This boy must be all of about 5-7 years old and he lacks the size and the strength to help his father up.  We don't know what happened after this picture but we can guess what happened before. 

The father, obviously, had too much to drink.  Was it the first time?  Was it a one time slip?  Doubtful but possible.  Clearly, somewhere in his mind, the father thought that getting plowed would be an answer to his problems.  Of course, it only creates more.

One of the keys to recovery is the ability to predict outcomes.  That is, knowing in advance or trying to predict in advance, what consequences might occur from certain actions or lack thereof.  For example, if you just get out of a 30 day inpatient facility and decide to room with an old friend back home who still parties but promises to keep it 'under control', do think that is a smart move?  Many alcoholics will say, "I think I'll just have a beer with dinner."  Then they end up drunk on the street getting help from their little boy because they are too incoherent to get up on their own. 

How are you at predicting outcomes of certain behaviors that will leave negative consequences in their wake?  To be certain, life is not 100% predictable or controllable.  However, where we DO have the option to think ahead and avoid threatening situations for sobriety sake, we should do just that.  If we aren't sure how to do that, we can ask someone further down the road of recovery to illuminate the right path for us so we can stay sober and safe!

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