Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Danger of Abuse: A Mother's Story

(An article review by Chris Newcomb, M.Div.)

Part of our mission is to help educate the public about prescription pill abuse because we see it on a daily basis in our clinics all across the nation.  It is a tricky type of addiction because prescription pills are legitimate drugs created to be used for legitimate medical problems.  Unfortunately, kids all over the U.S. are taking prescription pills at alarming rates for pleasure even if they started taking them for a medical issue in the first place.

In our blog today, we want to focus on two things.  First, we would like to highlight a story told by the mother of a teenage boy who struggles with addiction to prescription pills.  Second, we'd like to draw your attention to an organization that is helping to fight this prescription pill abuse problem our nation is facing.  

Often times, parents feel all alone and don't know where to turn when they discover their child is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.  Trapped between the 'paralysis by analysis' that fear causes and their desire to save their children, they get stuck in a lonely and 'fear-filled' place!  

The reality is that fear is a human problem. However, with addiction and recovery, fear can be lethal.  It keeps people in chains and renders them helpless to take action towards health and wholeness.  We want to help reduce that fear and equip you and your loved ones to deal with this issue head on.  Thankfully, there are other institutions that are working toward the same goal.  The one I'd like to mention that I just became aware of today is called 'Mother's Against Prescription Drug Abuse), a.k.a., MAPDA. 

I am so thankful to learn of this organization because I know that a similar organization called 'Mother's Against Drunk Driving', a.k.a. M.A.D.D., has been successful in educating teens about the dangers of drinking and driving.  

If you or some you love is in need of detox off of alcohol, benzos, opiates, Methadone, or Suboxone, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Pius or Amy Stewart at 1.877.773.3869 today.  Our mission is to help you get clean and stay clean.  Help, hope, and healing starts here.  

You can read the article here
You can visit MAPDA's website here

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