Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Wish I Never Started!

Dr. Peter R. Coleman
I am proud to announce that I am launching a non-profit initiative to educate people about how dangerous opiates really are.  It is called IWINS, which stands for, I Wish I Never StartedIWINS - is producing and distributing short videos of real people with real stories who have personally suffered from opiate abuse.  These people have volunteered to tell their stories so that others may choose not to make the same mistakes they did.  Each story is only about one minute....and they are very powerful. 

For more information, see the bottom of this email just below the video to learn how to participate in the cause!  We need your help to stop this epidemic!  Below is our first IWINS video given by Holly explaining just how opiates took over her life and why she wish she never started. 

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Thank you for your help!
Peter Coleman, MD

IWINS Founder

Medical Director, The Coleman Institute

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