Thursday, January 2, 2014


Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

Happy New Year!  How are you?  Did you have a good holiday season?  My name is 2014 and it's very nice to meet you.  I've been looking forward to making your acquaintance for years.  Finally, the time has arrived!

What do you have planned during my year?  Are you excited about the possibilities?  Let me tell you, I know a lot of 'years' and they have seen a LOT of people fail at those "New Year's Resolutions" over the years.  I tell them, "that's because people are doing it wrong." but they don't believe me.  Some people are slow can take years for the light bulb to go on!

Let me share with you my secret of success so you can meet your goals.  It's really not all that difficult nor is it rocket science.  It's all contained in one word with 7 letters.  R-E-S-O-L-V-E.  If you have resolve, you will meet your goals this year!

What exactly is resolve?  It has two meanings.  You may have heard the word when someone 'resolves' an argument or conflict.  The secondary definition, however, is what we will focus on right now.  It means, "to decide firmly on a course of action."  There are three key words to pay attention to in order to fully understand what resolve really means.  Decide.  Firmly.  Action.  

Decide.  You must decide you're going to meet your goal.  A famous saying reminds us that, 'the toughest six inches in life is between our ears."  That is, our thoughts dictate our actions.  If you believe you can do something, you've already gone half the distance to the goal.  If you believe, then you can decide.  Decision is an act of the will but it is predicated on a belief that makes the decision worthwhile.  

Firmly.  Have you ever walked down the sidewalk and had to walk out into the street so you wouldn't walk onto newly laid wet pavement?  The reason you don't get to walk on it is two-fold.  First, you destroy the hard work that has gone into the creation of the sidewalk.  Second, and more to the physics of concrete, wet cement will not support or firmly uphold the weight of those who walk on it.  Likewise, a weak belief or decision to take a course of action is much like wet cement: it's gooey and you trip and fall down.  Not good.

Action.  Action is the "motherload", so to speak.  It's the essential ingredient to meeting your goals.  Through the years as I've watched people fail at their goals and dreams, there is one common element: lack of action. You might be thinking, "yes, but many people DO take action and they DO fail.".  I would agree and you are right.  I would also posit that failure is a stepping stone to success.  If you fail, go back to the three principles of resolve: Decide (believe first).  Firmly.  Action.  Success is elusive but it also likes to be found if we look hard enough.  

One of the areas that is most important in a person's life to apply resolve is in maintaining their good health.  It is also one of the most common New Year's resolutions people make for many different reasons. I started out by telling you that many will fail or have already failed at their resolutions.  When it comes to your health, compromise is never a good choice.  

In particular, when you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, opiates, Methadone, Suboxone, or even chronic pain medications, it takes a lot of resolve to stay clean.  The good news is you can apply resolve anytime day or night 24/7/365.  That's encouraging!  

Well, that about wraps up our time together.  It was good to meet you.  Once again, my name is 2014 and I wish you the best success and resolve that is tough as nails to achieve it!

If you or someone you love is in need of detox from opiates, alcohol, benzos, Methadone or Suboxone, please do not hesitate to call Jennifer Pius or Amy Stewart at 1-877-773-3869.  We are here to help you get clean and stay clean!  

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