Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Ways to Stay Clean in 2014!

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.
  • Gratitude - It goes without saying but when we are thankful we tend to be much more happy and that leads to longer sobriety.  What are you thankful for today?  Ungrateful people relapse.
  • Attitude - While gratitude is an example of attitude, it is not the only state of being.  Try this experiment tomorrow:  write down every type of attitude you have throughout the day.  Our attitudes are under our control even when it takes work to control and/or change them.  Bad attitude people relapse.
  • Latitude - Give people a break.  We're all weary souls traveling this life and most don't mean to get on your nerves.  Give people freedom to act how they want and not try to control them. Controlling people relapse. 
  • Longitude - Think about the long-term!  Impulsive people relapse.
  • Exercise - Science has proven that exercise is not only great for the body but also the mind.  When your body is in good shape, your mind is too.  Out-of-shape people relapse.
  • Fuel - Eat right.  We eat for fuel and no other reason although many would think otherwise.  Choose to eat well and give your body the boost it needs nutritionally.  Hungry people relapse.
  • Sleep - It all begins with sleep.  Cranky people relapse.
  • Friends - We need each other.  Hang out with friends.  Make new ones.  Be a friend.  Friendless people relapse.
  • Family - We need our family.  If your family isn't around or you can't be close to them, rename your friends "family" and spend time with them.  People without family relapse.
  • Fun - Life is fun.  Look for it and you'll find it.  Boring/bored people relapse.

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