Thursday, October 10, 2013

Relax. It's All Good.

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

He's a cool little fella isn't he?  The kid in the picture above...just take a moment and look at the picture.  Does it make you wonder what he's thinking?  Is he dreaming of race cars?  Knights and Castles?  Mom's chocolate chip cookies?  Cartoons? 

Who knows what he's thinking but I know that when I look at this picture I feel a sense of calm and that is before I read the caption that states, "everything is gonna be alright."  It's almost as if I knew that from the picture without even reading the words. 

So, take a moment and look at the picture and put yourself in the place of this little guy EXCEPT insert a 'little version' of you.  You know, the inner child that still longs to play and daydream and live with a heart full of awe and wonder before 'adulthood' and 'responsibility' came in and choked them out.  Before we forgot, that everything is gonna be alright. 

There are 5 words in that sentence.  I would like you to read the 5 sentence sequence below and as you read them aloud emphasize the word in bold.  Take note of how emphasis of each word strengthens the overall theme and meaning of the sentence.  Then, allow the truth of those words to settle deep into your heart and mind and soul.  Then perhaps cross your arms and place your chin down on top of them and day dream in the still, quietness like our little friend above who intrinsically knows that, 'everything will be alright'!

5 Word Sequence:
Everything is gonna be alright.  Everything is gonna be alright.  Everything is gonna be alright.  Everything is gonna be alright.  Everything is gonna be alright.

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