Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If Not You, Then Who?!?

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

I love to exercise!  Let me rephrase that: I love to lift weights.  I do NOT like to do cardio.  I deplore the feeling of being out-of-breath that comes with cardiac-related exercise.  Although it is crucial to good health, I would just as soon take a few extra fish oil pills to make up for my lack of cardio training!

We all have things we like to do.  We also have things we don't like to do.  How many of us, however, attempt the things that really capture our hearts desire deep inside?   

If we're honest, most of us don't try.  We come up with seemingly legitimate reasons (read: excuses) as to why we can't do this or that.  We firmly believe that if circumstances were different then we would attempt that which seems impossible in the present moment.  Baloney.  You either do it or you don't.  Either way, you'll get the outcome appropriate to the choice you make!

This is especially true with recovery from addiction.  It requires work.  It isn't always fun.  It isn't always pretty but it is vital.  What you put into it, you will get out of it.  It may be difficult but it can be done.  Perhaps it's about setting a goal, creating plan and then executing said plan come 'hell or highwater', so to speak.  That's exactly what Diana Nyad did.  

Diana Nyad has become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida.  The trip took a total of 53 hours.  She literally spent two days and two nights in the sea.  She also carries the distinction of being the first person to attempt this feat without the use of a shark cage for protection!  Talk about guts and perseverance!  This latest attempt was her 5th try and that only after 4 years of intense training to remain in top shape.

Are you ready for the real zinger in this story?  Ms. Nyad is 64 years old!  That's right.  You read it correctly.  She is a sexagenarian!!! 

Upon reaching the finish line in Miami, Fl, Ms. Nyad said, "I have three messages. One is we should never, ever give up. Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams. Three is it looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team.”

Ms. Nyad said it right.  You should never, ever give up!  You can get clean.  You can stay clean.  You don't have to live the life you're living if it is not satisfactory to you any longer.  You are never too old to chase your dreams.  If sobriety and recovery seem like a mirage, keep digging until you hit water.  If not you, then who?

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