Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are There Such Things as Absolutes?

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

I'm sorry.  No, really.  I am very sorry.  I couldn't help it.  A picture of Obi-Wan with his lightsaber drawn was too compelling to pass up as the jpeg for this article.  Insert nerd joke here. 

However, Obi-Wan, brings up a good point.  Are there such thing as absolutes?  I think they are.  Here are a few of mine...

The Washington Redskins are not as good of a football team as the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys 5 Super Bowl Rings absolutely proves my point.  There is no arguing this point all of you RG3 fans. 

Gravity exists.  I can prove it.  Let's go on top of the Empire State Building and I'll dare you to jump.  You'll refuse.  Why?  Because you and I both know that you don't look good splattered across the pavement below once gravity is through with you!

Why all this talk about absolutes?  I had a client this morning that was adamant that absolutes were overrated.  He said he didn't like how hard of a stand we take for abstinence from all drugs and alcohol at The Coleman Institute. 

I can understand his point of view.  Coming off of any drug is difficult and he is definitely committed to being happy and healthy the rest of his life.  However, he's not willing to give up drinking.  He never drinks to excess.  He usually drinks 1-3 drinks in the evening as a way to unwind.

For most people, that is not a problem.  However, for someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is not easy advice to follow nor is it usually welcomed.  In reality, this gentleman was not a recreational drug user rather he was addicted to prescription painkillers for chronic pain. 

Here's the rub, and thus, the absolute: when you are addicted to one substance, your chances of switching addictions to another substance are very high.  This is why conventional wisdom says once you are free from your primary addiction you need to abstain from any other opportunities to pick up a 2nd addiction. 

We're all on a journey.  Sometimes absolutes are not accepted at first.  People thought the Orville Brothers were absolute fools for trying to fly.  Come to find out, we absolutely can fly with the right technology!

Likewise, at The Coleman Institute, we respectfully and in a spirit of non-judgement, believe that the best life is a completely sober life free from any alcohol or drugs.  We encourage you to consider this viewpoint and then make the right decision for yourself. 

At The Coleman Institute, people matter!  We love helping people get clean and stay clean from alcohol and drugs.  If you or someone you love is in need of detox off of alcohol, benzo, opiates, Methadone, or Suboxone, please do not hesitate to call Jennifer Pius or Amy Stewart at 1-877-773-3869.

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