Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get It Done!

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

What are you doing right now?  Seriously.  What are you doing?  You're reading this blog, obviously, but outside of that, what are you doing?  Drinking coffee?  Eating a donut?  Waiting for the light to turn green at that stoplight?  

What are you doing someday?  Got any plans?  How about next week?  Tomorrow?  Next year?  Later?  The other day?  NOW?   Feel overwhelmed yet?  Good.  Mission accomplished!

We get stuck in the past and feel like slaves to the future.  Most of us miss right now.  See?  There it went.  It's gone.  It's then now.  And in a few moments, now will arrive and become then again.  You should try talking about this stuff from a physics perspective because it will blow your mind!  

Actually, the reality is that recovery is about living right now.  Not then.  Not tomorrow.  Not 10 minutes from now.  Right now.  Do you live in the past and miss the present?  Do you phone in the present because you're too occupied with the future?

Learning to live in the present moment has many advantages.  First, it downsizes life.  It makes it more manageable and less chaotic.  The same is true in recovery.  You don't have to stay sober the rest of your life.  Just stay sober right now.  And when then becomes now, stay sober again.  Repeat.  

Second, living in the present allows us to really savor the moment for all it's colors, hues, scents, tastes, smells, and sounds.  It's what creating memories is really all about: paying attention!  In recovery, we pay attention to how we feel, what we say, where we go, who we hang out with and who we don't hang out with and why we choose to live a different life than the one many of us chose to live before this moment.  

Last, living in the present moment, right now, is the only way to really 'live'!  Seriously, if you spend your time thinking about the past or ruminating about the future, you are literally not living because you are stuck inside your head.  You miss the living moment of right now for the memory of having lived before this moment or the fantasy of a moment you will live when it is not now.   Catch my drift?

Right now I encourage you to stay in right now and each right now after that and that and that.  As you stay in the present moment, embrace recovery one moment at a time.  Embrace sobriety one moment at a time.  Embrace friendship, movies, books, support, fun, joy, snow cones,peace, laughter, lemonade and heavy metal music (if you're mom approves) right now.  Now go get it done before it's too late!  You'll be glad you did! 

At The Coleman Institute, we care about you right at this moment.  If you re-read that sentence, it is still true.  Our caring never stops.  If you or someone you love is in need of detox off of alcohol, benzos, opiates, Methadone or Suboxone, whether from chronic pain or recreational use, please do not hesitate, this moment or one very soon, to call Jennifer Pius or Amy Stewart at 1-877-773-3869.

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