Monday, July 1, 2013

15 Best Blogs Related to Alcoholism

Joan Shepherd, FNP

We have many clients who come to The Coleman Institute simply for help to physically stop using opiates, alcohol or benzos . We have a solid program that works well. However, because addiction is a bio-psycho-social illness, most people need to do more than simply address the ‘bio’ piece. 

Data seems to support the attendance at recovery meetings for long-term sobriety, but I meet clients regularly who do not like Twelve Step programs such as AA or NA. Many report not relating to the Higher Power component; others do not like the idea of a group setting and prefer working one-on-one with a qualified counselor.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and trying to figure out how the heck you are going to re-create, or rather, re-discover who you are without the chemicals, there are some excellent on-line resources. For many people, participating in an on-line program as they are tentatively exploring the world of sobriety feels much safer, and the support from fellow addicts/alcoholics can be as real on-line as it is in person at a meeting. Just no hugs or handholds. (which may be exactly what they are looking for!)

Here’s a link that was posted earlier this year by  It contains the best 15 blogs specifically related to alcoholism.  Click below to learn more!

Remember, if you or a loved one is looking for help with a safe way to detox off opiates, benzos or alcohol, give Jennifer Pius or Amy Stewart a call.

Joan Shepherd FNP

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