Monday, February 11, 2013

5 Ways How to Stay Clean and Enjoy Life

Have you spent a lot of time getting clean only to relapse back into your old patterns of behavior?  Have you sworn up and down repeatedly that you will never use again only to turn around and do exactly that?  Consistency is a difficult thing to do isn't it?  The way to stay clean and enjoy life starts and ends with consistency*.

1.  Be consistent.  Whatever you do, be consistent.  Habits rightly formed remain habits for life.  Pay attention to what you do each day.  If you don't like what you do and the results that come from that action(s), change the action and the habit will follow. 
2.  Walk away - That's right.  Walk away from people, places, and things that are triggers for you.
3.  Ask for help.  Tough guys are for the movies.  Real guys ask for help.  It's ok.  And no, you're not a wimp if you do. 
4.  Find a hobby - It's hard to get high when you're playing guitar, riding a horse, painting, or exercising at the gym.  
5.  Practice gratitude - Everyday when you wake up, write down a few things in life for which you are grateful.  Every night before you go to bed, write down a few things that happened that day that for which you are grateful.  
6* - Pay It Forward - That's right.  Free of charge, I just gave you an extra free tip.  Now pay it forward.  If you know someone who could benefit from these suggestions, pay it forward.  Send it to them by email or fax or even read it to them over the phone.  Make a difference.  Encourage someone else and be encouraged yourself in the process! 

*Recovery is a life-long process that requires vigilance and action in a person's mental, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual life.  Recovery is a process and different suggestions work differently for different people.  However, the point is to be consistent in NOT doing what you did before that got you into the mess that you were in when you decided to quit. 

At The Coleman Institute, we specialize in helping people get clean clean and stay clean from alcohol and drugs. If you or someone you love is in need of detox from opiates, alcohol, benzos, Methadone, or Suboxone, please do not hesitant to call Jennifer Pius or Amy Stewart at 1-877-77-DETOX (33869).

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