Friday, January 4, 2013

Having vs. Being

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

Having vs Being?  Now that Christmas is through perhaps we can look at this question.  Did you receive a lot of things for Christmas?  Perhaps you didn't.  Maybe you only received one gift.  The constant struggle we have as human beings is trying to fill our insides with other people's outside.  That is we feel the new car will make everything better.  We just know that date with that perfect person is going to set the world just right.  Sometimes we do get momentary satisfaction but it usually doesn't last. 

When we are infants, we do not pine for material things.  We want food, water, and sleep.  The new Lexus is not big on our agenda.  Parents do not see us as incomplete for lacking a car.  We have value just because we exist.  And, I would say, that we were happier when we were infants than many of us are as adults because we have forgotten how to be in order to learn how to have.  

As 2013 approaches, ask yourself where you fit on the having vs. being scale.  Are you focusing on having too much and not enough on being?  If so, how could you work on just 'being' in 2013 while letting go of the need for 'having' so much to feel fulfilled?  It's up to you.  Give it a try and see how much easier it is just to be than to do.  

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