Monday, December 17, 2012

Be Contagious: Smile!

Chris Newcomb, M.Div. 
I am not a natural ‘smile-r’.  Not to say I don’t ever smile, I am just not one of those people who walks around with a smile on my face all day and all night.  Which begs the question:  why are you writing an article about smiling?  Sometimes writing about something makes you want to try it.  We’ll see!  

The rumor is that it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown.  Smiling requires 17.  If that is the case, smiling seems to be way less physically taxing.  Furthermore, it appears that research as far back as 1989 shows that facial expression can cause emotions that we experience.    If that is true, smiling takes on a whole new meaning.

Smiling is important because it helps you feel better.  It helps you feel more positive.  And that is good for sobriety.  

Our emotions can carry strong trigger signals that leave us open to relapse.   Most people are triggered by negative emotions like jealousy, rage, confusion, sorrow, or loneliness.  Happiness can be a trigger too but is usually not as strong of a trigger.  

Smiling has an added benefit:  it is contagious.  People see other people smile and usually they respond in kind.  They tend to adopt the smile for themselves as well.  It sounds simple and it is.  Smile.  It’s contagious!  

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