Friday, September 28, 2012

It's a Miracle

Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

"It's a miracle", sang Boy George in his heyday in the early 1980's with his pop band Culture Club.  The question is what type of miracle was Mr. George (a.k.aGeorge Alan O'Dowd) singing about in this classic hit?  Who knows but he had one thing right:  miracles do happen and we should pay attention to them!

For example, being alive is a miracle.  Think about it: the fact that you are reading this article is a miracle because of the miracle of life.  You are alive.  I'll say it again, YOU ARE ALIVE!  Isn't that amazing.  There are billions of people who are not alive today.  They will never see the first rays of dawn's light.  They will miss the full moon rising in the evening sky.  They will never again feel the warmth of the hands of a lover, the cool, refreshing taste of a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day or anything else we experience as those who are 6 feet above ground.  Today, just for a moment, let's embrace this wonderful gift we've been given called life!

How can you celebrate this miracle?  In a myriad of ways.  Why not try smiling first.  It's been proven it takes more muscles in your face to frown than to smile.  Wonder what that tells us?  It's easier to be happy.  You have to work at being mad, angry, resentful, bitter, etc.  So start by smiling!

Bless someone else with a kind word.  The word 'bless' means "to bestow good of any kind upon".  You can bless someone with a hug, a handshake, a smile, a kind word, a free dinner, a back rub, a sincere compliment, holding the door open, letting someone ahead of you in line and many more.  Can you think of any ways to bless someone today right where you are?  

Another miracle that has happened today is that you are reading this article!  That means all my slaving away at his monumental literary work isn't for nothing.  I am relieved and sarcastic!  No seriously, thank you for reading this article.  I hope it has been helpful for you.  May you have a wonderful day and may all the things you want to come true in your life...come true!!!  

....and remember to be grateful for the miracle ;)

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