Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lighten Up!


 Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

"LIGHTEN UP!"  Every heard those words before by someone who thinks your 'Serious Quotient' is a little to high on any given day?  Yeah, I've been there too.  It's actually good advice if we know how to do it.  

Most of us take life way too serious.  We think people are watching us, they're thinking about us, they're talking about us, and that they care about us 24/7/365.  Newsflash:  It's not all about us.  Often times, our friends, family, and acquaintances don't care about us at all.  That is, they are focused on their own problems and really could care less about ours.  We are often too hyper vigilant and paranoid when it comes to other people's opinions about us.  

How do you lighten up?  First, stop taking things so seriously!  You can't run the world.  You can't fix the world.  You can't control other people either.  The only person in life you can change is yourself.  

Second, start having fun!  Find a hobby or hobbies to partcipate in with a friend(s).  Look at all the fascinating things there are to do in life if we will only give them a try!

Third, stop beating up your 'inner child' that wants to be free to play, to roam, and explore the world around you.  Embrace play.  We are all grown-up kids and the more we stay tapped into that child-like place the more spontaneous and joyful we will feel.  

Last, let it go!  Whatever it is that's bothering you, let it go!  If you can't let it go, ask for help from your higher power, a family member, or a friend to support you so at some point you can let it go.  Keep a very short list, preferably an empty list, of people who have hurt you or who you perceived have hurt you so you can clear it up quickly and move on so you can enjoy life!

Today is a new day.  What can you do today to help you lighten up?  Play with some Legos?  Color in a coloring book?  Play basketball?  Tell a funny joke?   There are so many....just pick one and roll with it.  

At The Coleman Institute, we specialize in helping people get clean and stay clean from alcohol and drugs.  People usually feel a weight taken off their shoulders and they are able to lighten up and accept life on life's terms.  If you or someone you love is in need of detox from opiatesalcohol, benzos, Methadone, or Suboxone, please do not hesitant to call Jennifer Pius at 1-877-77-DETOX (33869).  Help, hope and healing begin here!

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