Friday, August 31, 2012

Let Go!


Chris Newcomb, M.Div.

I remember the first time I was taught how to water ski.  I was with a bunch of college friends using a friend's boat at a popular lake and we were taking turns water skiing.  Finally my turn arrived.  I slide the skis on my feet, jumped in the water, grabbed the rope and waited for instructions.  They explained the instructions for proper rising and remaining on top of the water.  It seemed simple enough to me:  rock up and stand up!  

SPLASH!  Face first right onto my stomach!  Poor directions?  Failure to listen?  Poor directions, of course!  The other thing I didn't realize was the longer you hold on to the rope the harder your face gets smacked into the water which is like pavement when a boat is dragging you on your belly across the water using your face as a basketball.  Needless to say, I did not water ski that day! 

The key to being free was letting go.  I had to choose to let go of the rope in order to be free from my face being dribbled across the water.  Even though I knew that was the case, somehow I believed I could pull myself up off my face and start skiing.  I've always had a thing for trying the impossible.  And the improbable.  And often times, the stupid!

Are you holding on to something that is beating you down physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?  Letting go of the things that drag us down can be a very liberating experience.  Is your face getting used as a basketball across the water of life like mine once was on an ill-fated water skiing experience?  Let go!  Lose your pride!  Free yourself!  Let go! 

Letting go doesn't mean you are a failure.  It doesn't mean you are a quitter.  It means you see the obvious and choose to fight in a different way.  The best way to not get bitten by a Great White is not to swim with Great Whites.  No one would think less of you or your lack of courage for such a move.  Give yourself a break and let go!  By the way, have a great Labor Day and really let it go and have some good, clean, sober fun!

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