Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrity Warning: Jay-Z to Rihanna!!!

Very rarely do we get to see one musician stand-up to and for another one BEFORE the addiction gets them into major trouble.  Finally, some one spoke up!  Many people believe part of Whitney Houston's death was to blame on her 'handlers' who neither handled her nor handled her well.  Perhaps, Whitney could've been saved.  Alas, it is too late.  Maybe not for Rihanna.  Let's hope so!

For our Friday blog, we are reposting an article from about record executive and rap superstar Jay-Z giving his young, superstar singer an ultimatum to pursue rehab or be dropped from the record label.  This would spell career disaster or even failure for Rihanna.  Let's hope she is wise and listens to Jay-Z's counsel soon!  Click below to read the article:

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