Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Actions in Recovery


To those who have not yet gotten deeply involved in the recovery process, it might seem that most of the work involves simply abstaining from your substance of choice.  A successful recovery, however, also involves the individual being very active to confront issues that led to the addiction originally, and to change one's life in ways that make relapse less likely.  Actions in recovery thus make up a large part of the recovery process because they are an essential part of a successful recovery.

One common action in recovery, for example, involves the examination of mistakes and errors made in one's past.  This is usually done with the help of an individual on the outside of your recovery process.  They can help you to realistically assess the things you may have done in your past that can be considered mistakes of judgment.  Once these are identified, a next step is to make amends for those errors.

Making amends is beneficial for a number of reasons.  First, it allows us to be fully open and accepting about the damage addiction has caused to our life and others'.  No longer do we have to feel we have something to hide.  This openness also allows us to feel like we do not have to avoid people we have offended, or places we may have acted inappropriately.   Thus, instead of areas of our life being closed off to us, they are opened once again.

Recovery is about regaining freedom and control over your life, and actions in recovery like making amends allow you to do that.  Treatment centers like The Coleman Institute can be consulted to bring a sponsor into your life to help you with these actions.  By focusing on actions in recovery, you make the likelihood of a successful recovery more probable.

If you are hooked on opiates, alcohol, benzos, methadone, or suboxone, why not take action now and give The Coleman Institute a call.  Jennifer Pius will be happy to help you learn more about your services and schedule the appropriate treatment for your situation.  1.877.77.DETOX (33869)

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