Friday, March 30, 2012

Legal Problems from Substance Abuse?

There are many reasons people come to The Coleman Institute for our Accelerated Detox programs off alcohol, benzos and opiates.

Mostly they have tried so many times to stop using and couldn’t get past the physical challenge. Others did the excruciating work of detoxing themselves, only to find they couldn’t sustain it for more than a couple of days. Almost invariably, our patients recognize that they can no longer give attention to the things that truly matter to them.

Confounding this for many people are the legal problems they have created for themselves.  It gets really complicated and the spiral seems to keep swirling down, pulling more and more into its whirling vortex.  So, I’m just putting a little bug in your ear...

We are glad to send you off with a letter for your lawyer, employer or ‘To Whom It May Concern’ stating you have completed an Accelerated Opiate (Alcohol, Benzo—or all three) Detox Program when you leave us.  For people getting off opiates, this letter lets the recipient know that by choosing a Naltrexone Implant and entering into long-term recovery, you effectively choose to have opiates blocked for about two months until you return for the next pellet.

This is a great piece of paper for people trying to navigate some sticky legal situations. It is a very loud statement to people who are making important decisions about your life that you are making a change; that you are taking responsibility.  And while we can't guarantee the outcome of your legal situation, every bit of positive evidence of your intention to recover from alcohol and substance abuse may help your case!

I wouldn’t say that’s the best reason to come to The Coleman Institute for an accelerated detox program, but for those who can use it--it’s a nice bonus.

Call our Clinical Supervisor Jennifer Pius and talk to her about how we can help at 1.877.77.DETOX

Joan R. Shepherd, FNP

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