Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Accelerated Detox

When chemical dependency is discussed, quitting cold turkey is no longer an option.  Traditional detoxification methods only subject patients to unnecessary and horrific withdrawal symptoms.  The success rate of such treatments is barely 10% after one year, and even worse after the second.  The common concept of substituting an illegal drug with a legal one such as Methadone or Suboxone switches the addiction from one drug to another.  Ultra Rapid Detox (URD) was subsequently introduced as a faster and more efficient technique to treat drug addiction.  However, this method has some drawbacks, thus, The Coleman Institute, an advanced center for addiction treatment, started using a new method called accelerated detox, providing a safer and more cost efficient alternative to URD for over ten years.

URD was introduced in the 1980s and involves the use of general anesthesia and Naltrexone is used to flush all opiates from the brain receptors, achieving 100% detox within about ten to thirty minutes. However, the extreme speed of detox puts the body into shock, and a recent study has reported that the stress the body is subjected to is the equivalent of a major automobile accident.  Some fatalities have also been reported, although the exact cause of death was never verified.

Accelerated detox is only similar to URD to some extent.  Anesthesia is eliminated, with sedative medication being used instead.  The body is allowed a minimum of three days for the detox process to unfold.   Accelerated detox can begin in an office setting, then proceed to an outpatient basis, vastly more cost effective than prolonged hospital stays.

As with URD, patients are given Naltrexone, which is a narcotic antagonist, meaning that even if patients were to use narcotics, no effect will be felt as the brain receptors have been blocked.

Accelerated detox, just like any other detox program, is only effective with consistent followups and positive reinforcements; however, taking a regimen of Naltrexone for a minimum of twelve months can only make the whole accelerated detox process much more tolerable.

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