Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Overcoming Methadone Addiction

Methadone addiction is the tragic result of earnest recovery attempts gone awry.  Most patients seeking professional assistance in breaking heroin or Oxycontin are given methadone to ease withdrawal symptoms.  However, it is also a highly addictive mind-altering substance, with a slower and more difficult withdrawal process.  The theory behind this treatment is that the secondary addiction should be easier to break, in a controlled clinical environment.  Unfortunately, that is often not the case.
Despite new, innovative treatment options for heroine and Oxycontin addiction, many treatment facilities continue recommending methadone and the addiction rate continues to increase.  Those struggling to overcome it face special challenges.  The detoxification process takes much longer, forcing most to suffer with debilitating symptoms for an extended period in a step-down approach.  Additionally, many feel disillusioned with addiction treatment programs.  Most methadone addicts are patients who have made a genuine effort to cure drug addiction, sought professional help, and ended up with another addiction for their efforts.  Fortunately, there are new advanced treatment options which have proven successful and tolerable.
Methadone detoxification can be performed as an easy outpatient procedure with daily visits to the facility.  This process accelerates the rate of narcotic release in the body, while providing the patent with adequate sedation to minimize symptoms.  Typically, a state of the art facility can complete the process in little over a week, without need for hospitalization.  In this short time, the patient's body will become entirely drug-free, eliminating any future physical withdrawal symptoms.  The entire detoxification procedure, and ensuing full recovery program is monitored and supervised by trained, certified specialists. Support, counseling, and life transformation assistance allows a patient to fully transform from addiction to full recovery.
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