Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Will Help!!!

Are you caught in the cycle?  You want to stop, you swear you will and this time you mean it.  But you can’t.  You try, but once again the desire washes over you like a tsunami and you are carried up into it, into the endless circling craving that is opiate addiction.  Everyone wants to stop, eventually.  Everyone knows they are not on the right road, they see the signposts, they try to stop and they cannot.   Not on their own.  It is simply too hard.

Folks who have never experienced the hot sliver of addiction have no idea.  They think you should just stop taking the pills, because that is what they would do.  Remember:  they have no idea.  There are two types of people who know, and that’s it: those who have experienced the spiraling, never-ending pull of opiate addiction themselves, and those in the trenches, those whose compassionate souls have compelled them to work with addicts who are trying desperately to get clean.

The Coleman Institute has changed how detox is done.  The addiction to opiates is so powerful that many times detoxification fails.  The addict gets the craving and cannot fight it off or the withdrawal symptoms—anxiety, agitation, insomnia, nausea and vomiting—are just too much.  To successfully detox from opiate addiction, the brain needs time to heal.  It can’t be an all or nothing approach, because most people cannot endure that.

Instead, The Coleman Institute will get you off opiates in three days!  We will monitor your entire progress so you are not left alone wondering, searching or crying out for help.  We will administer drugs to your system that will alleviate the cravings and that will allow your brain to slowly come back to normal.  You won’t be suffering during the three days your body detoxes.  And when the three days are up, you will be ready to begin learning how to live again.  That’s what The Coleman Institute, with our Accelerated Opiate Detox program, does every day for everyday people such as you.  Give us a call.  We’re waiting to help!

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