Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Special Delivery!!!

I saw a patient in follow-up today who just made me smile.  He came in for his 6th implant today; so although he’s had one relapse on his journey, he’s been clean for most of the year.  And he is one peaceful, happy, and grateful man!

He has a girlfriend who chose to stay with him because he committed to getting and staying clean.  He has proven this to her by coming to The Coleman Institute for regular appointments and going to AA meetings several days a week. His consistent choices are helping him stay clean one day at a time. 

Today, he told me that he and his – now fiancé- planned a pregnancy and she is about 8 weeks pregnant!  They will wrap up a ‘onesie’ (you know, one of those little baby long-john outfits with the built-in feet) and present it to his parents on Christmas Day.  They will be first-time Grandparents…and yes, they will be thrilled!

He told me that the most interesting thing for him since he has become sober is realizing how he used to view the world.  He says he used to blame others for all his problems.  Now, he says he can see how his behavior affected others.  He is starting to give back in little ways, like coaching his niece’s basketball team.  He promised me he’ll bring a picture of the baby’s ultra-sound in two months.  I can’t wait for that chapter!  

- Joan Shepherd, FNP

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