Saturday, October 15, 2011

From Maggot to Chameleon

Every time I think I can’t like a patient more than the one I just detoxed at The Coleman Institute, I meet another one I’m saying the same thing about.

Yesterday Evie (not her real name) completed an Accelerated Methadone Detox. She is such a hero!

After years of heroin use she was started on methadone 3 years ago. Miserable almost immediately on methadone because of the life style and the way it made her feel, and because she was so ready to start a life of recovery, she determined to stop using. Then she discovered she was pregnant. Thus, the three years on methadone.

It was an elegant detox. When we were getting ready to place her naltrexone pellet I noticed

the tattoo of a beautifully detailed chameleon wrapped around her left ankle. She told me it was a cover up tattoo.

When she’d been using lots of heroin a friend talked her into allowing him to tattoo his specialty on her: maggots coming out of a wound. She said it had been pretty realistic.

Evie shakes her head and laughs that she would ever let anyone put a tattoo of maggots anywhere on her body! The chameleon was drawn in when she decided to seriously start recovery. She said she could change with her environment, and indeed, the quality of her life—her work, her relationships with her child, finance, and friends, and her health—are all vastly better since she stopped the heroin and changed her environment.

I can only imagine how her life will continue to change as she experiences the freedom that naltrexone brings. Wonder how that chameleon would look with wings?

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