Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cyber Review


I would like to review three websites that will be of interest to you the reader. There is a lot of junk on the internet, that’s for sure. However, for all the junk, there is a TON of treasure. It’s hard to ignore the impact of the internet on our lives when even the term “Google” is an official entry in the dictionary!

The first site is http://aa.org/lang/en/subpage.cfm?page=359. It is from the Alcoholics Anonymous main webpage. It features two seminal works on recovery that launched a worldwide phenomenon so many years ago: The Big Book and The Twelve and Twelve. These two books have literally helped to transform millions of lives from the clutches of alcohol and drug addiction to freedom and sobriety one day at a time. If you have a connection to the internet, you now have access to both of these books 24/7/365!

The second site I’d like to share was suggested to me by one of our patients who is now clean and sober from her addiction to pills ( http://www.fancast.com/tv/Vanguard/105470/1285764318/The-Oxycontin-Express/videos). The title of this documentary is, “The Oxycontin Express”. The site says,
“In this Peabody award-winning piece, correspondent Mariana van Zeller reports from South Florida, the epicenter of the prescription drug abuse epidemic in America.” Oxycontin is a plague that is scourging the landscape of America, sold under cute names such as “Hillbilly heroin”, “OC”, and “Oxy”. There is nothing cute about this drug!

The last site I’d like to review is called ‘Everyday Tai Chi’ and is found at http://www.everyday-taichi.com/learn-tai-chi.html. Tai Chi Chuan is translated “Supreme Ultimate Fist” and is an ancient Chinese (secret? Joke, couldn’t resist!) martial art form that Western science has discovered offers great health benefits to the body, including lower blood pressure, increased sense of well-being, and a decrease in stress on the body and mind. So, check it out and pump your fist!

Chris Newcomb – Aftercare Coordinator

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