Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I always learn from my patients. I hope they learn a little something from me, as well.  Recently I’ve been learning about some pretty good ways to relapse back to using opiates:   


  • Hold your ‘boy’s’ pills for him because he’s got to run out for a few minutes and doesn’t want to get caught with it. The pills will scream at you from your pocket…or whisper. Both work.
  • Keep all your old cell phone numbers
  • Work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. A work addiction can keep you from your truth as much as a pill addiction.
  • Don’t tell your primary care doc that you have an opiate problem.
  • Smoke pot or take benzos.
  • Don’t ask for rides to a meeting if you don’t drive.
  • Tell yourself “it’s OK” this one time; you can keep it under control.

I don’t think I’m telling you anything you didn’t already know. These are just a few I’ve heard this week from some of the people who have relapsed. The good news is they have come back to see us and it’s a new day and people do stay in recovery.

- Joan Shepherd, FNP

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