Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Special Valentine's Gift

      Last week, we saw a patient who was getting his 3rd or 4th pellet.  He was there with his wife who was sporting a pretty nice bracelet, which she proudly showed me.  “Billy got me this for Valentine’s Day,” she told me. “I’ve got my husband back—and he’s a better man.”
     Seems that Billy’s wife had stuck with him through many years of drug use.  He is so grateful to be clean again, and he is so grateful that he’s got the love of his life still walking beside him.  He says he is always looking for ways to show his appreciation, and quite frankly, now that he’s not spending his money on roxycodone (called Roxy’s on the street), he’s got some to spare!
     He said his relationship with his kids has drastically improved as well.  It was so funny to hear him talk about how they rally ‘round him on payday.  They remind him of all the chores they’ve done over the week and put their hands out for a little reward.  His eyes actually got teary when he described how he felt to be the person they now come to for a hug, for support, and yes, for allowance.
     We are in the business of helping people get their lives back.  We are committed to sharing successful stories like Billy's with you from time to time.  It is our goal to have even more so we don't have enough space to tell them all!  Call if you or a loved one feels ready!

Joan R. Shepherd, NP

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