Monday, January 3, 2011


       Happy New Year!  Hopefully, this article finds you fully recovered (pardon the pun) from all the holiday festivities that came your way late last year and you're ready to start a brand new year.  As we begin 2011, I would like to talk about two words that are very powerful: decision and point.
                I was given several gifts this Christmas and one of them was the book Decision Points by George W. Bush.  Regardless of one’s political persuasions, I think much can be gleaned from the title of this book.   I like the pairing of these words because it really makes you think hard about the process of decision making.
                First, let’s look at the word decision.  My good friends at define it as, “the act of or need for making up one's mind.”  That is, decisions do not just happen.  They require participationThat is one of the gifts we have as human beings is the ability to make up our minds and decide a course of action (or non-action).
                Second, we have the word points.  Again, gives a clue to its’ meaning as, “a critical position in a course of affairs.”  That is, there comes a time, a point, wherein there is no other choice BUT to make a decision.  Perhaps you are facing that point today?
                When we put the two together we get something like this, “the act or need for making up one’s mind at a critical position in a course of affairs.”  This is what recovery is all about.  After the heartache, the suffering, the lies, the deceit, the lawsuits, the broken promises, you come to a decision point, so to speak.  This is the point where the cost of going forward is not worth the price you’ll pay if you continue using. 
                If you think back in your substance abuse history, you will most likely be able to pinpoint the exact time you decided to start using.  Remember, no one gets struck drunk or high!  You have to participate.  Just as you chose to participate in the game, you can choose to get out of it.  But, if you are waiting to be struck "recovered", you have a long wait my friend with no end, ever.  The reality is people only get sober and begin down the path of recovery through a purposeful, well planned, decision to change their life with the help of others who are doing the same thing.
                Let me be blunt: 2011 can be the year everything changes for you for the better.  Conversely, it can continue to absolutely suck.  The choice is yours.  Don’t you think it’s time you reached a “decision point”? 

Chris Newcomb, Aftercare Coach/Coordinator

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