Thursday, November 4, 2010

Should we raise the tax on alcohol?

In 2009 there were 25 states that introduced laws to increase tax on alcohol but only 6 states actually were able to pass the laws to increase the tax. Most states have not increased their tax on alcohol for decades so that after adjusting for inflation there is actually less tax now. The net effect of this is that the cost of alcohol is actually less now than it was 10 or 20 years ago.


There is good evidence that an increase in alcohol tax produces positive changes to help decrease alcohol abuse. It decreases underage drinking, reduces traffic accidents, and reduces liver disease and other medical complications. Any extra money that is raised by higher alcohol taxes can easily be dedicated to being used to pay for alcohol related costs or treatment or prevention programs.


In these days of tight budgets it just makes sense all around to let the people who drink alcohol pay more of the costs of their drinking.


Dr Peter Coleman

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  1. I agree to an extent but just because you raise taxes doesn't mean that alcoholics are going to change. They will do what they have to in order to get money for their drug. Like it is now, with robbing people. I feel it would only get worse. To me I see it as another way for the State to make more money....Lisa Harris