Friday, October 15, 2010

A Priceless Investment

I rarely field the questions about cost when people inquire about an Accelerated Opiate or Benzo Detox from The Coleman Institute. Our excellent Intake Coordinator, Jennifer Pius advises people about payment options.


I can, however, speak to people about the value of our product, and what a person might expect to get from his or her investment with us.


For instance, Sam (not his real name) just marked a year of being clean. He came every two months for a naltrexone pellet. What did he get for this investment?


He got his family back.

He got his job back.

He got sleep back.

He got gratitude back.

He got peace of mind back.

He got laughter back.

He got true friends back, and has made some new ones as well.


This list will continue to grow. As our staff gathered around to give him a big farewell, congratulations hug, I couldn’t help but think—like the cheesy credit card commercial—Recovery: It’s Priceless.


Joan Shepherd - FNP

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  1. A Relative of mine will be coming to Richmond, VA next week for treatmrnt of roxycontin ? treatment. We are not close but if they read this I would like them to know that they are very much in my PRAYERS and thoughts!