Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Graduate

Have you ever been to an orthodontist’s office and seen the Before and After Braces photos? Well, unfortunately it’s not entirely appropriate for The Coleman Institute to display the Before and After pics of our patients who have successfully made it through a year of naltrexone pellets…

We had one of those winners ‘graduate’ today.


There were a few times during the year I didn’t think he would make it. Once after a four hour drive to get here, he stomped out of the room and left without a pellet because he didn’t appreciate some of my observations about the choices he was making. He was frequently cavalier about whatever recent charges he’d incurred. He really didn’t seem to be getting it.

Things gradually changed.


Jack (not his real name) started hanging out with other people who take their Recovery as the single most important thing in their lives. He found daily meetings and became accountable to a sponsor. He began working out regularly at the gym (we all ooohed at his 6-pack), and he’s enrolled in classes again at the local community college. His ambition? Nothing less than a pilot’s license.


He’s also got a set of amazing parents who have really figured out—with the help of Narc-Anon—where to help and where, what looks like helping, is actually a hindrance to their son’s sobriety.

So, Jack, thank you for giving us one more success story to share with people who really need some inspiration. Maybe someday we’ll do a Coleman Institute Calendar and invite you to be Mr. April.


Joan Shepherd, NP

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