Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ready to be Happy

I just finished reading an article that John Bowe wrote for the on-line version of the New York Times, Formerly Unsober (4/12/10). He describes his experiences with alcohol. He never had a DUI and hadn’t yet “impregnated a Hooters waitress”, but he’d had his usual four glasses of wine the night before. He had long been using alcohol to help him sleep—the uninsured man’s anxiety medication-- and hoping not to run into his neighbor as he carried his bottle-laden bin out to recycle.


In a moment of clarity, he was blessed with the liberating thought, “I’m ready to be happier now.” It was the last time he drank (except for a small glass of port, which he states he quite regretted drinking).

The line I love best in this article: “I am going to pursue every single aspect of this existence as fully as I possibly can.” Hence, no more booze.


A common theme among our patients who come to The Coleman Institute for an alcohol detox is the question “How is this serving you?” Whatever thoughts are leading to the actions, they need to be examined so the behavior can change.


At The Coleman Institute, not only can we safely guide you through an alcohol detox, we can steer you toward some good therapy. Call us if you are ready to ‘pursue every aspect of your existence as fully as you possibly can.’

Joan Shepherd - FNP

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