Friday, April 9, 2010

The Ultimate Pollyanna

I am the ultimate Pollyanna. (If you’re too young to know what I’m referring to, go to Hulu and look it up.) I truly believe if you are here taking up space on this planet at this time, there’s a damn good reason for you to be here. And—it’s up to you to figure out what it is.

That’s why this job suits me so well. When a client comes to The Coleman Institute for An Accelerated Opiate Detox, it’s kind of like we’re helping to peel an onion: removing some outer layers to help him/her get closer to the true core.

The thing is, a client has to want it more than we or his parents or his girlfriend want it for him.

Yesterday a 25 year old guy came in for a pellet. We’d detoxed Alex a year ago and when he completed the detox he lived at the Salvation Army for a while, then went to a group home. This is a guy who was raised with every physical comfort, who lacked nothing material. He thrived in these conditions. He started to really get honest with himself and make some progress. And then he relapsed. Again and again. He stopped going to meetings.

Enjoying the very fulfilling life of laying in front of his mom’s big screen TV all day getting high, hiding the fact from his hard-working infatuated girlfriend, Alex was finally told if he didn’t get another implant and get straight he had to leave.

So he shows up here for a pellet and guess what? That’s right, he’d used again so he couldn’t get a pellet.

His stepfather was furious. He ranted about the miles and miles he’d driven to get there, the time taken off work, the tens of thousands of dollars they’d spent on this kid etc etc. Yawn. I ‘ve heard it all too often.

Let him be. The reality is what it is. When and if Alex is ready to access the source of peace for himself he’ll do it.

In the meantime I told step-daddy, change the locks, take Alex’s mom to Al-anon and then on a well-deserved cruise. They need to find their own Core of Peace too.

Joan Shepherd, FNP

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