Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank You to a Son

Randy is completing a detox today. He relapsed from heroin and his father is his support person. Last year they came to The Coleman Institute for an Accelerated Opiate Detox and followed up with a couple naltrexone pellets. For a while Randy went to meetings and worked conscientiously at his recovery. About a month ago he ran into some old ‘friends’ doing court ordered NA meetings and he slipped up. When his parents found out, they were heartbroken and Randy is struggling with guilt and shame.

I had to come into my office and shut the door briefly in the midst of this busy day, in between patients because I was so moved by the interaction between Randy and his father. Every time Randy says “I’m sorry” to his father, he simply responds by saying “Thank you” to his son.

He’s saying “Thank you” because he still has his son. “There’s nothing worse than wanting to help someone, knowing he needs the help, and him not being willing to accept it. So, thank you, son, for being here.”

The bar-b-q sandwich arrived for his lunch so I excused myself. It was a good chance to wipe a tear away.

Joan Shepherd - FNP

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