Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rolling Around in Shit!

I get a lot out of my yoga classes. I expect my body, mind and soul to receive great benefit, but sometimes I can even hear a good story and get some inspiration for a blog entry. Like today.

After class a couple of us were sitting around and talking. Courtney was describing how wisdom appears everywhere, if you’re open to it…

She is going through a rough divorce and she was talking on the phone to her Mom about all the stuff she was dealing with…how hard things are (wah wah wah) and what her raggedy-ass almost-ex-husband was doing this week to make her life miserable (wah wah wah), etc.

While she was talking, her dog walked into the room. It was immediately evident that her black lab, Cody, had rolled in her own excrement in her own backyard.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Courtney to her Mom, “Cody is rolling around in her own shit!”

No sooner than the words were out of her mouth did my funny friend, Courtney realize what a metaphor for her own life this was! She started laughing like crazy and between gasps said to her (probably mildly confused mother), “I’m doing the same thing! I’m rolling around in my own shit!”

How I savor self-awareness…especially when someone else is experiencing it.

Start peeking at yourself. Observe your drug use. Are you rolling around in your own shit? Call The Coleman Institute if we can help. It can really be pretty simple. Take your recovery seriously, not your self.

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