Sunday, June 13, 2010

“Perseverance to Rock Bottom?”

My friends know that I have a sometimes odd sense of humor. You know, kind of like laughing at a funeral or coming upon a train wreck when you don’t want to stare but you can’t look away. Yes, I laugh at inappropriate times and at inappropriate things. Why? I laugh because life is funny not because I intend to be rude or disrespectful. There is so much to laugh about. So, this month while covering a somewhat depressing topic I’ve included some laughter-inducing material to make the medicine go down much easier and with a little more tasty goodness to it!

There is a really funny website called The site has hundreds of mock posters which give a word in bold letters below a picture and then define that word in a humorous way. Like anything else, you must use discretion as some are not all that funny, some are corny, and some are tasteless. But the bulk of the content is hilarious.

In addiction, when people are actively using alcohol and drugs, they must persevere in order to get their fix. They have to get money, find a dealer, and negotiate the price before they can take the hit that clears their minds of life problems. In another sense, it takes just as much perseverance to get into and stay in recovery from drugs and alcohol. So, for our first exhibit, I give you this poster:



Now, is that not hilarious! Obviously the driver is not the sharpest tool in the shed as he/she are heading straight into a huge tornado. But isn’t that how we are with our addiction(s)? Don’t we look right into the eye of the storm (read: police, poor health, lost jobs, broken relationships) and push the pedal to the floor anyway instead of turning around and hightailing it out of there?

The reality is that addicts do not turn around from addicition until they have hit rock bottom! Which leads us to our second poster...

This poor guy has really hit skid row! Now, obviously, this poster is not all that funny. Even though it is a somber poster, it can teach us something about relapse and rock bottom. The truth is there is always a bigger bottom if you want to find it. The trick is to not go looking for it. Rather, we must learn to forge our sobriety out of the hard work of vigilance, attending meetings, working the 12 Steps, and making phone calls to other members of the program.

Although the first poster is funny, it is also true in active addiction. Perseverance really is the “courage” (read:stupidity) to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back. So, the lesson here is to apply the true definition of perseverance which is, “steady persistence in a course of action” to our recovery one day at a time and to stop looking for a deeper, more painful bottom. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to laugh too!!!

Chris Newcomb – Aftercare Coordinator

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  1. Wow I need to stop drinking don't wanna end up like that