Monday, March 15, 2010


Today in yoga class Ellie, my incredible instructor, had us working on a pose called visvamitrasana. If you think it’s hard to say and to spell, you should try doing the dang thing!

Ellie gently reminded class as we stretched to capacity and tried not to tip over to:

Keep Our Hearts Open,
Our Minds Accepting,
and have
Contentment with Wherever We Are.

It is the Process, not the Outcome that is important in the practice of yoga.
One of the things I love about yoga is that what one practices on the mat is meant to be applied to real life ‘off the mat’.

People can try to avoid difficult situations in life, but those who have faced the reality that drinking alcohol, using opiates or using benzos have the potential to ruin their lives, know it is time to stop.

At The Coleman Institute we combine state of the art addiction medicine with open hearts and acceptance for our clients who begin the Process of Recovery. We can help you stretch and keep you from completely tipping over through our Accelerated Detox programs.

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