Monday, March 1, 2010

Phase 2 Naltrexone Implant Study is Underway

Last year we began studying some Naltrexone Implants that were compounded for us by a pharmacy in New Jersey. These were 1.4 gram implants. The results were quite encouraging because 80% of the implants lasted at least 2 months. However we realized that the ideal implant lasts at least 3 months or even longer. So, in consultation with the pharmacy, we have helped them to modify the implants to make them have a longer duration. We have now begun the phase 2 study on these new improved implants.


The study is to draw blood levels in 5 patients with the new and improved implants. The patients will come in every 2 weeks and have blood drawn. We have already enrolled 3 patients and should have final results in the next few months. This is very exciting for us because as we get better and better implants it becomes a lot easier for patients to stay in recovery. Our goal of course is to help patients get clean and stay clean. We want to make sure that patients have an alternative that works - so they don’t have to use Methadone or Suboxone.


Dr Coleman

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