Friday, March 5, 2010

Chad's Story

Chad came in today for his 5th naltrexone implant. He’s been clean since his Accelerated Opiate Detox in February. He is a big burly bear of a guy. Here’s how he’s doing in his own words:
Day in day out we think about using. When we get clean we see things differently. But yet we have to go on about our life and now deal with it. I used to use whatever it may be to escape reality for just awhile; maybe a day or a weekend. Smart enough knowing that my problems and whatnot would still be there when I came around..but just wanting that release and free time. Now I deal with in constructively making use of my time, improving my home, time with kids, working etc. Yet, daily stress, anger, aggravation of normal life makes me want that release and escape. I find myself now dealing with it in what works for me as before mentioned. Not craving it-is so much freedom! But if I was to go back that is only existing and not living. I like living life. It’s not fair and it can be hard, but living life is wonderful.

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