Friday, February 12, 2010

Digging Your Hole Deeper

Consider a man digging a hole. It starts as a shallow curve then becomes deeper, deeper. Imagine him standing inside the hole he is digging. The faster, harder, longer he digs, the deeper he is in. At some point, he looks around his hole and realizes he wants out. The only tool he knows is his trusty shovel. He clutches this shovel furiously and digs sideways, upwards, harder, deeper, longer still. Clearly, the shovel’s not working.

This is the pattern so many of our patients fall into when they try to stop using opiates. Attempt after attempt to stop on their own has put them deeper into their own personal hole: financially, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. If you or a loved one is ready to ‘drop your shovel’ and explore a more workable solution, please call us at The Coleman Institute. Ask about our Accelerated Opiate or Benzo detox. It may be time to use a new tool.

Joan Shepherd - FNP

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