Monday, February 1, 2010

Customer Service

I’m telling you guys, if you are thinking about coming for an accelerated alcohol, opiate or benzo detox, don’t worry about accessibility to our staff. I am sitting at home enjoying this magnificent snowfall and needed to contact a patient. I called Jennifer, our intake coordinator to see if she could get the phone number for me as I don’t have a snow worthy vehicle to get in to the office. She answered my call en-route to a cheerleading competition out of state with her daughter and what sounded like 12 other cheerleaders-- and maybe a live band. I figured she would be unable to help me with the phone number but instead she laughed and told me she was tricked out and could run a mobile office from ANYWHERE. True to her word, in 5 minutes she was calling me with the information I needed. Just a small taste of the customer service you can expect from The Coleman Institute!

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