Friday, February 19, 2010

Cora's Story

I was going to write a little blurb about this patient who’s here for her 3rd naltrexone implant, but then thought she could say it even better in her own words:

“After years of using pain pills and brief periods of abstinence I looked at my life and felt so hopeless.

My only means to function at all was chasing drugs; it consumed my every thought. My marriage had crumbled. I was unemployed and I couldn’t properly take care of my kids. I was so desperate to live a “normal” life. I just didn’t know how to or how to get there.

After researching online I found The Coleman Institute with the Accelerated Opiate Detox and naltrexone implant. In June of 2009 I did undergo the detox and got my 1st implant. This was the first step to getting my life back. Now 5 months later with the help of God and a program I’m finally happy. My husband can trust me again, we are working on our marriage and so can my kids and my parents. With the years of lying and manipulating I never thought I could say that. My kids can depend on me again. I’m working now, teaching school. I’m a productive member of socity and I feel great about where I am. Not everyday is wonderful but my worst day today beats my best day out there using! “ CR.

Joan Shepherd -FNP

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  1. Im going their in few weeks to detox off of suboxone ! I hate this drug ! I was put on it for pain control ! It has ruined my life for the last three years !The doctor lied to me when he said it would be easy to stop taking ! Ive tried several times even with the tapor method but the pain and withdrawal is just to much!I recently changed meds to hydrocodone as recommended and will be doing the 3 day detox .If you are still around can you please tell me a little about your experience and how it compared to detoxing alone ! thank you :).