Thursday, February 18, 2010

“By the Power of Grayskull…I have the Power!”

I was like any kid growing up in the 1980’s. I had my Swatch watch, my “Zips” tennis shoes, and my action figures. From G.I. Joe to Star Wars, I had every possible figurine up to and including the massive He-Man. A 6 inch mass of plastic muscle, long blond locks, and the ever embarrassing “Speedo” swimwear trunks, He-Man, the twin brother of She-Ra fought to defend Eternia and the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the evil army of Skeletor. We had many adventures together, He-Man and I, but he came to an unfortunate premature demise when a friend’s bic lighter sent him to the afterworld in a blaze of glory! So much for Grayskull!

This month we tackle Step 2 from Alcoholics Anonymous which says that we, “came to believe in a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Often times, people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction feel like they are locked in a cosmic battle between good and evil and right and wrong. They know they want to be good, strong, sober people but they lack the power to do so. So, they spend all their time obsessing over new ways to control or overpower the disease only to end up flat on their back for a 10 count. There is a better way!

The essence of Step 2 is that the addict needs help. DUH! The addict needs someone or something that has the edge over the addiction. This is the key to getting free from addiction. It does not have to be a religion or specific belief system as some believe. Rather, it is a higher power of your own understanding! This can be He-Man, She-Ra, Buddha, Jesus, or Santa Claus. It can be the 12 step group you regularly attend or the principles of the program in the 12 steps themselves that serve as your high power. The point is letting go of our own lack of power and embracing the power of our high power allows us a daily reprieve from addictive behaviors with drugs and alcohol. The Power of Grayskull indeed!

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