Sunday, December 20, 2009

Preliminary results for implants

We have been studying some new Naltrexone Implants for the last couple of months. These are 1.4 gram implants that seem to last at least 2 months. As such, they may be a considerable improvement over the old 6 – 8 week implants.

We have been drawing blood levels on our patients when they come back in 8 weeks for their next implant. So far all the patients have had very good blood levels, indicating that the implants reliably last 8 weeks. It looks like they may even last over 12 weeks in many patients. This would be fantastic. It is so much easier for patients to come back every 3 months – only 4 implants to get a whole year of coverage. We will continue to study these implants and we may even be able to work with the pharmacy to make them last even longer.

Dr Coleman

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