Monday, December 28, 2009

Mike's Story

I asked one of our patients to describe the journey that brought him to The Coleman Institute for an Accelerated Opiate Detox. This is what he wrote for me:

“After sustaining injuries during college football I was introduced to opiate painkillers. During my senior year of college I progressed to using Oxycontin without doctor’s prescribing them to me. After graduating and having free time on my hands my tolerance began to climb out of control. After getting married, I moved 600 miles away from home where I didn’t know anyone in an attempt to stop using. I didn’t use for about a year, but only because I didn’t know anyone to get it from. I slowly learned the difference between choosing to quit and being unable to use.

My wife was homesick and wanted to move back home and thought I was better but subconsciously I knew I was going to start using again, even feeling excited about it. I told myself everything would be ok and under control. I got high the day I moved back home.
I worked long hours fueled by being high all the time and built a successful business from the ground up. The business that I worked so hard to build ended up causing my addiction to grow even faster. I had complete flexibility with my schedule and I used the funds to buy large quantities of Oxycontin. At the worst point I was spending $10,000 a month on drugs while at home my wife struggled to pay the bills.

I had to beg investors for more money to make ends meet at my business. It all came to a head when my wife started catching me using at home and at my office. I knew I had to make the choice to get better or I would lose my wife and son, who is due in April.

After a brief unsuccessful stint with Suboxone therapy my counselor recommended The Coleman Institute. I had nothing else to lose so….why not. Today is Tuesday November 10th and here I lay, right before having my naltrexone pellet implant with high hopes for the future thanks to Joan Shepherd and Dr. Coleman. I can honestly say the first couple days of detox were not that bad, although today has challenged me. I’m ready to wake up tomorrow and start a new life.”

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