Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Reunion

I know perfectly well that going through a detox isn’t supposed to be fun. But…what the heck? What if it is a little fun?

We just had a group of 9 people take over the detox wing of The Coleman Institute earlier this week. Three of the family members were clients detoxing from heroin or pills; the other 6 were various family support members.

They should have had t-shirts printed up—it was like a raucous family reunion! By night they played cards in the hotel, by day they hung out and had meals together. On the final day of detox, they played guitar with Chris and moved from room to room being incredibly grateful for the opportunity to reclaim their ‘lost’ family members.

Three weeks prior to their arrival, one family had lost a son to a heroin overdose. His parents, step-parents, cousins and remaining brother are committed, together, to recovery and all three signed up for The Freedom Plan, ensuring a year’s worth of naltrexone implants; a year’s worth of peace of mind.

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