Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bring your Baby

When I gave birth to my two daughters many years ago, I was in a pretty nice room at a local hospital. Since then birthing suites have evolved into very peaceful, beautiful, homey yet functional settings.

So I just couldn’t seem to help myself from hovering in Suite B at The Coleman Institute earlier this week. A young couple from North Carolina was here with their 3 week old son. Dad is detoxing from opiates. The lighting is soothing, Mom is nestled in a big comfortable reclining chair nursing her baby. Dad is snoozing in bed. It feels as warm and cozy a nest as any respectable birthing room.

A few months ago we had twin 8 month old girls. We borrowed a playpen and everyone took turns holding them so their Mom could focus on being a support person for their Dad, her husband. It worked seamlessly.

Just wanted to mention how accommodating we can be regardless of your circumstances. …and it’s sooooo nice to have a baby or two around.

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